2016 EOY Gradings

Congratulations to all of the team who graded for BJJ on the weekend.  Anthony Perosh also ran an MMA seminar on Saturday for the Club.    Thanks to Anthony for sharing his experience and knowledge with the club.  The following are the clubs new BJJ ranks:

White Belt 1st Stripe:  Nadia Brucia, Emma March, Lachlan Veitch and Luke Troxell

White Belt 2nd Stripe:  Tabitha Elford, Jim Ogilvie and Katrina Ogilvie

White Belt 3rd Stripe:  Jaden Dalrymple, Kimo Viljoen, Keohu Smith, Kimo Smith, Brett Anderson and Ben Edmondstone

Blue Belt 1st Stripe:  Toni Garnham, Nick Hayes and Justin Van Heerden

Blue Belt 3rd Stripe:  Teneale Laister

Purple Belt 1st Stripe:  Todd Laister

Brown Belt:  David Garnham